Inspiring Innovation & Sustainability: Meet Sequel's New Creative Consultant, Dhwani Kathotia.

We are delighted to welcome Dhwani to Sequel as a freelance Content and Marketing Consultant. Based in Based in Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore), Dhwani brings a wealth of experience to the Sequel team, as well as opening a new 'Content on Location' destination in India for our clients. The beautifully diverse city of Bengaluru boasts an abundance of shoot locations, with minimalistic backdrops, sweeping landscapes and characterful streets. As a passionate writer, Dhwani has written an introductory blog which talks about her incredible experience and what she would love to bring to the Sequel team. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did!

Hello there! I am Dhwani Kathotia, Content and Marketing Consultant and also the newest addition to Team Sequel. As my role suggests, I am a content creator, brand consultant and fashion blogger specialising in creative and business consumer-facing strategy. I have had over five years of experience working in fashion – from starting out in merchandising and retail to finally finding my niche in content creation and consulting for sustainable brands. However, my entry into the weird and wonderful creative space was rather accidental.

It all started out when I began blogging about fashion while studying to be a clinical psychologist. My interest in fashion drove me to gain industry experience in different tiers while learning creative skills like photography, social media management and graphic design; all self-taught with years of practice. Anyway, long story short, I have accumulated a triple major in Psychology, Sociology and Economics, an MA in Strategic Fashion Marketing and five years of global experience to bring a multidisciplinary approach to my creative practice. My goal is to steer brands towards adopting a more sustainable practice and to translate this into effective communication to consumers.

It’s tough to pack my experience into a single parentheses, a standard box of roles and responsibilities. Most times when I’m asked what I do, I take the enquirer into a twenty-minute long journey (probably not what they bargained for). But it’s been a wild ride, that’s for sure! I now work with clients across three major markets – India, UK and UAE. It is because of this global perspective that I was drawn to Sequel (besides their perfectly curated visual aesthetic of course!).

As brands shift their focus heavily to the digital world, I believe that there will be a much-needed blurring of boundaries. More so now than ever, it's almost pertinent for brands to take a global stance and tell their stories through global representation and perspectives. It was inspiring to see that Sequel as an agency was built on this very foundation – of taking content global and recognising the need for a global outlook, not just in words but in practice. As a POC, Sequel, for me, is an inclusive platform where I can steer brands towards wider representation and bring in my unique perspective to the mix.

Coming back to my experience, let’s begin where it all began. Fashion blogging. My blog, My Little Cupboard, is a white canvas that I run wild with. What started with posting everyday-outfits, has now transformed into a platform to communicate ideas of slow living and sustainable fashion, to inspire a shift in consumer behaviour. Over the past seven years, the blog has allowed me to create content for over 60 global brands including Swarovski, MAC Cosmetics and Coach.

This also led me to style, art direct and photograph content for local brands and capture this across varied Indian landscapes and cities.

As a consultant, I have played a role in helping sustainable Indian brands internationalise and showcase indigenous crafts on a global level, with The Inde Project and Fashion Scout at London Fashion Week. This served as a point of realisation on the criticality of merging markets and promoting glocal perspectives.

Over the past year, while pursuing an MA in Strategic Fashion Marketing, I also deep-dived into developing sustainability strategy. Whether it was creating a consumer-facing marketing strategy and video campaign for Kering (which was selected to be presented at the Paris HQ) or creating a product longevity based in-store activation proposal for Gucci as a finalist of The Kering Awards, it almost felt like a dream come true! An epiphany that this is what I was meant to do.

My next steps are to develop disruptive, engaging content for brands and lead them to sustainable, long-term and organic growth. I feel I am at the crux of this information exchange, bringing global perspectives to the growing Indian market and showcasing the Indian perspective on a global front. I’m so thrilled about what’s to come with Sequel and my mind is brimming with ideas (also read minimal aesthetics and nerdy sustainability research). The adventure continues!


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